Gemstone Diamond : Advantage, Astrology, zodiac sign and everything

Gemstone Diamond

According to Ratna astrology, the immaculate clean diamond pacifies Venus. It is believed that the diamond which is endowed with all the qualities and floats on pouring in water is the best among all gems.

Interesting facts about Gem stone Diamond

1. It is said about diamond that the heavier the diamond, the more beneficial it will be. 

2. Diamond is very valuable, but due to a small defect, the price of diamond can vary from ground to sky.

Wearing diamond is considered good for the people of zodiac sign  Taurus and Libra. 

How to wear Gemstone Diamond

Wear Diamond Diamond is worn as a ring or necklace. For astrological effect, wear it in a diamond ring and wear it on Friday. 

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Benefits of Gemstone Diamond

1. Those who want to achieve success in business, film industry and arts sector can wear diamond.

2. Diamond enhances relationships especially for the sweetness in relationships. 

3. Wearing diamond can prove to be beneficial if there is education related problem or interruption in marriage.

Health benefits of Gem stone Diamond

1. Wearing a diamond increases the lifespan.
2. Relieves diabetes and eye diseases.


Many astrologers believe that children, especially women who want sons, should not wear diamonds. This son can be a hindrance in procuring children. 

Other Diamondware 

Diamond is considered an extremely expensive gem. If the person is unable to buy diamond, then he can also wear gems like Jarkan, Firoza, Opal or Kurangi instead. All these Uparatnas also give the same results as diamonds.

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