Gemstone astrology: pearl – Moti relieves mental stress

Gem stone Pearl

According to astrology, pearl is the gem of the moon, wearing it removes all the defects of the moon. While the Moon removes the weakness of the native, it also relieves mental stress. Those who are weak in the zodiac sign must wear pearls. Apart from this, wearing pearls is considered extremely beneficial for Cancerians. Wearing a pearl not only removes mental stress, it is also considered a gem to increase knowledge. According to astrology, a person should do four, six, seven and eleven ratti according to his weight.

In this also, ancient round pearl is considered the best. It should be worn on Monday of Shukla Paksha in a silver ring. The chanting of the below mantra should be stopped eleven thousand times or at least 108 times while holding the pearl.

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This gem is prepared in the oyster found in the sea, due to which its availability is very low and its price increases. Due to this, the practice of fake pearls is also common in the market. To avoid this, one should buy from a well-known Saraf shop.

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On the information given in this article, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected result. Before adopting them, please consult the expert of the concerned field.

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