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Gemstone Astrology : The heavier the diamond, the more beneficial it is, these sub stone (upratna) also provide benefits

Diamond is considered an extremely expensive gem. If the person is unable to buy diamond, then he can also wear gems like Jarkan, Firoza, Opal, Simma, Kurangi, Datla, Kansala and Tanku diamond instead. All these Uparatnas also give the same results as diamonds.

People who cannot buy diamonds should wear diamonds. They cost less than diamonds. Zarkan is also easily obtained in these gems. 
The immaculate and clean diamond which is extremely beneficial for the people of Taurus and Libra zodiac also calms the pain of Venus. For this reason, people are cheated by giving fake diamonds and garnets, due to which the concerned persons do not get the benefits as expected. According to Ratna astrology, the heavier the diamond, the more beneficial it will be. 

Diamonds are worn as rings or necklaces. For astrological effect, wear it in a diamond ring and wear it on Friday. This gives the expected success in business, film industry and arts sector. Along with this, there is sweetness in the relationship, especially diamond enhances the love relationship. Wearing a diamond can prove beneficial if there is a problem related to education or there is a hindrance in the marriage. 

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Zarkan is also called American Diamond. 

You may not know that Zarkan is not a natural gemstone. It is prepared. One thing and this is also called American Diamond. Some astrologers do not agree about its effects. 

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