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Mafia Review : ZEE5’s this Psychological thriller is goosebump ride

If you like dark, well-crafted psychological thrillers, this reunion from hell deserves a place on your weekend binge-watch list.

Mafia leads ZEE5 this weekend, ahead of lead, ignore and breathe 2

Web Series Reveiew: Mafia
Artists: Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Isha M Saha, Anandita Bose and Madhurima Roy etc.
Creator: Rohan Ghosh, Aritra Sen
Director: Birsa Dasgupta
Rating: *** 1/2

Man has been inquisitive by nature. Search for fire, search for the wheel and then the discovery of adventure. Ghalib has also recognized the true identity of human spirit in the blood running inside him. So if you want to feel the speed of blood running in your veins and if you really like to see the world of adventure, then this new series of Zee5 is for you. Just watch it carefully .. because this game is of mafia.

If you or someone in your home is fond of playing video games, then you must have realized that while playing such games, all the senses of human being are at their peak. This climax is felt by the hormones running in the blood and has been fully arranged in the mafia by its creators Rohan Ghosh and Aritra Sen. The story secretly captures the viewer and the creation of the series is such that the audience also feels the episode itself episode by episode.

The mafia is the story of Nitin, Rishi, Ananya, Neha and Tanya. Every punch of the thriller is present in the story. And, its sixth psychological element is its occurrence in the jungles of Madhupur. All these are found in the name of the bachelor party, but thinking of good days ahead, this public does not know what is going to happen next. Game of mafia begins. This game, which looks absolutely simple, is no less than Jumanji. The players may not go inside this game, but when it comes to identify who is playing the game and who is on the target, then the best of the strong ones also have a weight.


The characters of the cast have been created in the series according to their personality. The series is designed in such a way that the suspense can be shattered as soon as the sources of its story open a bit. And, the result of the story can only be understood as a thrill. These mafia game players play it wholeheartedly and have a direct impact on the mind of the beholder. Everybody starts to open scandal. Everyone used to hide them till now, now these scams have also been opened and it also starts to open that a person looking gullible with face can be so heartless.


The entire setting of the series has been very carefully prepared by its director. Reunion is an excuse, but the real game is everyone’s job. Citizens, mafia, doctors, police and God are all tied to each other. Whose loop will be tight first and who will escape from these, the audience remains engrossed in it till just before the last episode. This weekend’s most perfect series for binge watching is Mafia to be released on G5.


Namit Das has done the number one position in the cast of the series. Till now, this is the big one case of Namit who has been seen in supporting characters in most of the series. The main attraction of the series is also their presence. But, this charisma goes on until you start watching the series. As the story comes to its pace, Ananya and Neha, the characters of Isha M. Saha and Anindita Bose, begin to show their grip. Madhurima has her own special charm in Tanya’s character and Tanmay Dhanania’s presence does a very good job of giving the story’s five elements an essence. For amateurs of psychological thrillers, the series mafia is the first option of binge watching this weekend.

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