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Sex problems FAQs : I had sex with my girlfriend four days ago. We had anal …

Question : I am an 18-year-old woman. I want to know if masturbating daily is bad for the health of women? What problems can it cause? Also, how often is it safe to masturbate?

Answer : Masturbation is an activity which is safe and is usually done in response to sexual excitement and to fulfil the sexual urges of your body. How often you do it will depend on your sex drive and energy. Sexual fulfilment can make you happier and release stress but excessive masturbation can sometimes cause weakness and fatigue, and also inhibit sexual intimacy with your partner.

Question : I had sex with my girlfriend four days ago. We had anal sex too, and since then, she has been complaining about pain in her back and itching/stinging in her anus. What should we do about this? Could these be signs of serious disorders?

Answer : You have not mentioned whether you have used a condom. Not using safety measures is likely to cause infections and other side effects. I suggest you ask her to please visit a doctor and undergo an examination. The doctor will also prescribe medication immediately to bring relief from her pain, after the examination.

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