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Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – Landlady wanted to force girl to prostitution, killed her on opposing

Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. Here the police has resolved the case of the death of a 22-year-old girl. Earlier it was being said that the girl died due to some disease, but during investigation it was revealed that she was tortured badly for several days, due to which she died. The police has arrested six accused in this case.

What is the whole matter?

Riya (name changed) lived at a rented house in Visakhapatnam. The landlady’s name was Gutala Vasanta. On June 4, Vasanta along with some of her colleagues was taking Riya’s body for the last rites. At the same time, someone informed the police about this. The police arrived there, sent the body for post mortem and questioned Vasanta. He told the police that Riya was ill and that led to her death.

Here came the report of post mortem, it was found that Riya had 33 marks of injury on her body and she died due to these injuries. To hide these injuries, Vasanta covered Riya’s body completely with flowers while carrying her to the funeral.

Investigation revealed that Vasanta Zabaran wanted Riya to do prostitution. They used to threaten to evacuate the house. Riya had refused to share with Vasanta the revenue earned from illegal activities, due to which there was a fight between the two. The police also say that Vasanta was jealous of Riya, because she was more ‘beautiful’ than him.

Vasanta tied Riya’s arms and legs and kept her. Cut her hair, shaved her eyebrows too. Stopped giving him food and water. His body was stained with cigarettes. Riya died due to similar torture for several days.

Then nobody knows about this, thinking that Vasanta decorated Riya’s body with flowers. On June 4, she was taking him for the funeral, when the police reached there and stopped him from being cremated.

The police has arrested Vasanta, her sister Manju alias Sandhya, mother Danalakshmi and three more family members. Above all, sections 302 (murder), 343 (wrongfully imprisoning someone for three or more days) of the IPC, 324 (for forcibly harming someone with a dangerous weapon), 326 (severely causing a person To hurt). Apart from this, there are charges of human trafficking.

In the investigation, the police also came to know that in 2015, Riya’s mother, brother and grandmother were also murdered by someone. This case is still going on.

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