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US / ‘clock of doom’ gesture – the world is only ‘100 seconds’ behind the danger of nuclear and climate crisis

  • The clock has been working since 1947, its fork was 120 seconds away from midnight during the Cold War.
  • The most tense moment in 73 years, indicating the danger of nuclear war

Washington. Scientists have reversed the needle of doomsday clock, the Doomsday Clock, 100 seconds past midnight, indicating the danger of nuclear war and climate crisis. According to the Doomsday Clock, the less time it takes to become midnight, the closer the world is to the danger of nuclear and climate crisis. This watch has been in operation since 1947, which shows how much the world is likely to have a nuclear attack. This time the needle fork is said to be the most stressful place in the history of 73 years.

Even during the Cold War of the US and Russia, its fork was kept 120 seconds away from midnight, but for the first time the clock fork has gone within 120 seconds. The team of nuclear scientists who forward or reverse this fork includes 13 Nobel Prize winning scientists. Derek Johnson, executive director of Global Zero, an organization that works to eliminate nuclear weapons, said that the rising temperature of the earth and sea and the difference of only 100 seconds in the clock shows that we have reached the point of danger. Huh.

In 1953 this difference was reduced to 120 seconds

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) cientist Robert Rosner said on Thursday that ‘in 1949 when Russia tested the first atomic bomb RDS-1 and the nuclear arms race in the world started, from midnight to 180 seconds There was a gap of Four years later in 1953, this difference came down to 120 seconds. This was the period when the US first tested the thermonuclear device in 1952 and the Cold War was at its peak. ‘

South Asia’s ‘nuclear tinderbox’

George Washington University professor Sharon Squasoni said, “The threat of nuclear weapons is at its peak. Iran does not agree to nuclear deal, North Korea is constantly increasing nuclear capacity. The US, China and Russia are constantly making nuclear weapons. Without naming India-Pakistan, he defined South Asia as a ‘nuclear tinderbox’, where there is little scope for arbitration.

The first time the clock fork was set 420 seconds before 12 o’clock

BAS first set the fork of Doomsday Clock 420 seconds before 12 o’clock in the night. This clock uses imagery of a nuclear explosion (midnight) and a countdown to zero (countdown). The Science and Security Committee of BAS updates it every year in the wake of climate change and the threat of nuclear weapons. Till now it has been changed 19 times.

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