Ford is working on a car paint that can protect your vehicle from bird poop

Besides bird waste, the company is also testing what kind of impact harsh weather conditions have on car paints to find a solution.

If you park your car in the open in India, the odds are that you will do it under some tree to keep your away from direct sunlight. But this tactic comes with its own set of problem: bird droppings.

To find your car covered in bird poop is an annoying experience. Sometimes cleaning the car off bird droppings becomes a hassle too. The uric acid in bird poop can cause damage to the paint, especially if left on there for any length of time.

Ford Motor is reportedly working on a new paint for its vehicles that can protect cars from bird droppings. Using artificial bird poop – that can replicate the acidity of poop from different birds around Europe – Ford’s paint engineers are trying to ensure the protective coatings on its vehicles can withstand any amount of bird poop.

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The idea is to find the right ingredients for such car paints to resist pollutants like bird droppings. The company is using a solution that has phosphoric acid and soap detergent as ingredients to carry out this experiment. The body of the vehicles are sprayed with this solution along with synthetic pollen. They are then baked in ovens at 60 to 80 degrees Celsius to age.

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