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Ashutosh Kaushik, winner of Bigg Boss Season-2, walked without a procession

Bigg Boss Season-2 winner Ashutosh Kaushik was married to Noida with utmost simplicity. In the presence of four people, he made seven changes in his house in Noida Sector-100 along with Arpita of Aligarh. He gave the money spent in marriage to the PM Care Fund to fight the corona epidemic.

Before the pandemic, Ashutosh’s relationship was fixed with Arpita of Aligarh. Both families were preparing for marriage. April 26 was fixed for the wedding. But due to Corona, the marriage was done in simplicity. There was no fanfare. Ashutosh Kaushik said in a conversation with Hindustan that he got married at his house in the Prateek Society in Sector 100. Other rituals, including rounds, were performed at home. Mummies and sisters from Ashutosh’s family attended the wedding while only two members from Arpita’s family also attended.

He said that this marriage became memorable for him. In the true sense, marriages should be done in the same way in which there is no show of any kind. He said that all the money he had prepared to spend in this marriage, he has given all the money to the PM Care Fund for the Battle of Corona. So that the country can be safe. However, he refused to reveal the amount.

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Ashutosh Kaushik, an actor and anchor serving food to the needy, is originally from Saharanpur. He became the winner of Bigg Boss Season 2 in the year 2008. He is the winner of MTV Roadies 5. He also claimed to dedicate all the commissions coming from his YouTube channel to the poor during the transition period of Corona and said that he is spending all the income from this channel in arranging food for the poor.

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