Ujjain MP : Murder in lockdown – knife killing of security guard going on duty, Murder recorded in CCTV, Watch video

Ujjain Ashok Chauhan (52), security guard of Patidar Hospital in the city, was stabbed to death on Monday evening by youths from Scooty on Vivekananda Colony Marg. The security guard had left for duty on foot in the evening at Shastri Nagar. During this time, miscreants committed acts by racking. The attacker used to visit the house of the deceased’s sister. Security guard Ashok has objected to this, and his murder has come to light.

The security guard had left for duty on foot in the evening at Shastri Nagar. The murder incident was captured in CCTV.

This is the second incident of murder within 28 days in the Nilganga police station area during the lockdown. Around half past six in the evening, guard Ashok was going from home to duty. On the way, two crooks from Scooty stop and attack him with a knife. Ashok fell on the chest and stomach with a knife and he died on the spot due to excessive bleeding. As soon as the information was received, SSP Sachin Atulkar reached the spot. TI Kulwant Joshi said that his sister Princess lives near the deceased’s house, where a young man named Sheru is to come and go. Ashok used to take objection about this. CCTV footage of the attackers has also been revealed, in which Sheru has been identified. Search is being given to him.

Hamalwar was sent to a temporary jail
three days ago, while taking restrictive action against the crook Sheru, he was also sent to a temporary jail. Police said that the princess had informed against her brother Ashok that he wandered in front of the house. When the police reached the spot, it came to know that Ashok objected to Sheru coming there, so the sister made a false complaint and tried to trap the brother. The police arrested Sheru and sent him to a temporary jail, taking restrictive action against him. He had been in a rage since coming from jail.

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When the mother-daughter reached the
spot, the police brought Ashok’s wife Manju and daughter Tanu to the police to identify the fallen victim. Here the mother-daughter got upset and fell to the ground. The police handled both. 

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