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Bihar/ 234 doctors missing from duty in Bihar, stir

Patna. There is a lot of pressure on the medical staff of government hospitals in the country due to the increasing infection of corona virus and the state governments have also canceled the medical staff holidays. Also, all government doctors have been requested to give their full contribution in the fight against the corona virus. 234 of 9 medical college hospitals of Bihar and doctors of other government hospitals have been found absent from duty, which has caused a stir.

Principal Secretary of Bihar Health Department Sanjay Kumar said that apart from doctors, employees working in PHC and other government hospitals along with medical colleges have also been found absent. Clarification has been sought from all the absent doctors and staff.

The Principal Secretary has said that in this hour of crisis caused by the corona virus, doctors should do their duty, along with the employees should also fulfill their duty. He said that the state government has also announced to give 1 month’s additional salary to the doctors and other employees fighting the war against Corona.

In such a situation, doctors and employees are requested to fulfill their duty in this hour of crisis. He also said that the number of doctors absent from only 9 medical college hospitals is 234, if the number of doctors of PHC and other government hospitals is added to this, then this number doubles.

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