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Indore is among the country’s corona hot spot, 107 from MP went to Markaz, 36 of Bhopal qurantined in Delhi

Indore / Bhopal. Indore joins 16 Corona hot spots in the country. Of the 40 samples sent to Bhopal AIIMS on Monday, 17 reported positive. Indore now increases the number of infected patients to 50. Five people who have been affected by Corona infection have lost their lives here. According to Divisional Commissioner Akash Tripathi, the figures will increase further as he is now coming under sample investigation, which was in contact with corona infected patients. The 17 patients who have been reported are already quarantine in Asravad Khurd. Collector Manish Singh said that the number of patients in the city may go from 100 to 200, but we are mentally prepared. More than 525 people have been quarantined in Indore.

Here, 107 people from Madhya Pradesh also went to the religious hall in Nizamuddin Markaz, New Delhi. Bhopal consisted of 36 people. He has been quarantined in Delhi itself. Apart from this, samples of 189 people from different states, including 63 foreigners who have come to Bhopal for the promotion of religion, have been taken from March 5 to 14. Out of these, 65 have been quarantined mosques of Nizam Uddin Colony, Aishbagh and Bagh Farhat Afza area besides Haj House.

The police did not inform, the

Itkhedi police have registered a case of violation of the lockdown order against 13 people who came to Bhopal to join the FIR Jamaat on 13 people staying in the mosque. Originally a resident of Karnataka, this Jamaat came to Bhopal on March 21. Since then these people stayed in the mosque at Islam Nagar. 

Nine months pregnant wife of Vipul Verma, a resident of Ujjain working in Bengaluru, who was brought to Vipul from Bangalore for 9 months pregnant, was seriously ill. After receiving information from the state control room, Vipul was summoned to Ujjain by road after talking to the local administration of Bengaluru in 24 hours. He reached his wife on Tuesday. 

Belgium’s Bejourn will be sent from

Bhopal Bejourn de Messinier, a Belgian citizen living in Bhopal, will be sent to his country with approval from Embassy. They will go to Delhi on Wednesday by road or Belgian aircraft. A chartered plane of Belgium stands in Delhi, in which Belgian residents living all over the country will leave for their country on April 3. 

3500 MPs stranded in eight states, sought help from the government 3500 MPs are stranded in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Gaeva. They have been reported in CM Helpline. 95 percent of these people want to come home, but the state government after talking to these states has got them quarantined there. As circumstances improve, they will be called.

Food and lodging arrangements in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai There
are 350 in Hyderabad, 550 in Ahmedabad, 300 in Gurugram (Gurgaon), 300 in Noida and 700 in Pune-Mumbai and Nashik, to be stopped by MP government with food. Arrangements made. State level teams spoke to the responsible people of these cities. After this, everyone reached for food. They will stay in these cities for 14 days.

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