Cricket / if T20 World Cup postponed, IPL possible in October-November, players will not get salary if canceled

The T20 League IPL has been postponed to 15 April due to Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the BCCI is now planning to organize the league in October-November. This is possible only when the T20 World Cup in Australia in October-November is postponed. A BCCI official said, “The board is considering conducting the IPL in October-November. Australia has banned outsiders for six months. This can change the situation. ‘

The official said that if the ICC postpones the World Cup by looking at the current situation, then only we can think about it. Postponing the World Cup will be the last option.

If IPL is not done then salary will

not be available, if the current season of IPL is not there then players will not get salary. An official associated with the franchise said that players are given 15% salary a week before the tournament starts. 65% is given during the tournament while the remaining 20% ​​is given at the end of the tournament. President of the Indian Cricketers’ Association, Ashok Malhotra said that the absence of IPL would result in huge losses. Due to this, the salary of domestic players can also be cut.

IPL may be in short format,

while franchise Rajasthan Royals owner Manoj Badale hopes that this time the tournament can be in short format. Badale, who lives in Britain, told BBC World Service, “I would like the IPL to be organized in any form this year, even if it is played only among Indian players, if foreign players are unable to come this time.” But it is difficult to say whether IPL will happen this time or not. ”

Government imposed visa restrictions till 15 April

BCCI postponed the league to 15 April due to travel and visa restrictions imposed by the central government. The central government imposed some restrictions related to travel and visas following growing cases of coronaviruses. Under this, visas for foreign nationals coming to India are suspended from 13 March to 15 April. Only diplomatic, official, UN and international institutions, project and employment visas are exempt. Foreign players and support staff coming to the IPL get a business visa. In such a situation, they are not allowed to enter the country. There are 189 players in 8 teams of IPL. There are 64 foreign players in them. They are banned from coming to India until 15 April due to the government’s visa restrictions.

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