Online booking service starts for corona test, sample will be collected from home

new Delhi. The government has encouraged private participation in the war against Corona. In this regard, online medical consulting company Practo has started a new initiative. Practo is now offering online booking services for the corona virus test. If you have symptoms like high fever and dry cough and are afraid of going to the hospital, then this online service is of your use.

The practice company has signed a contract with Thyrocare to support the corona test. The Government of India has also approved this practice initiative. Practo is an Bangalore based company, which has a big reputation in online facility in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research ie ICMR has recognized the services of the practice. While other services of the practice are for the whole country, the facility of corona virus test has been given to the people of Mumbai at the moment.

If this experiment is successful and popular among the people, then it will be spread in other states of the country. Some formalities have also been prescribed for the online corona virus test. Under which the doctor must have a valid prescription. Along with this, the Requisition form will also have to be filled online. Along with the photo ID card, you also have to reveal your identity to the practice.

According to the official guidelines, the fee for online test has been fixed by Corona virus. After booking, the practice pathologist will reach your house and collect the sample. The samples will be collected through swab viral transport medium for testing. It will be sent to Thyrocare Laboratory in cold chain which has been selected for Covid-19 testing.

You may have to wait for 24-48 hours for the test results to come. In fact, despite the symptoms, a large number of people are still afraid of going to hospitals. They feel that their illness is seasonal and that they can get corona infected by going to hospitals unnecessarily. With limited resources, it is not possible for the government to go from house to house to take samples for the corona test. In such a situation, people are welcoming this initiative of private company.

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