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Neha Dhupia was pregnant before her marriage, husband Angad had told the family

Mumbai. Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi suddenly surprised everyone by announcing the wedding. The two were dating each other for a long time. Both have not disclosed their relationship yet and share the pictures of their marriage and surprise the fans. Some of his close friends including cricketer Yuvraj Singh were also angry that he did not even tell them about the marriage.

After a few months of marriage, Neha surprised the fans once again by telling the news of her pregnancy. Please tell that when Angad asked Neha’s parents for his hand, then Neha was pregnant for the month. It was not easy at all. Angad himself revealed this in Neha Dhupia’s show No Filter with Neha. Angad said that when Neha’s mother and father came to know this, they were very shocked. Not only this, Neha’s mother started bleeding from her nose due to stress.

He further said, Neha did not want her parents to know about her pregnancy. So we just had to tell them that we want to marry each other, because we love each other. I was very nervous because it was judgment day. All I had to do was tell it somehow and wait for their response.
At the same time, Neha has no regrets about not planning her wedding. We managed it in only 11 hours. After the birth of his daughter Meher, he had said in an interview, sometimes, things happen so early in life, but I do not regret it. If I had been given six months or even a year for my wedding, I would have done a small wedding, would have been married in Baby Pink and would have enjoyed Anand and then married Angad. I do not want anything else.

Angad shared 5 girlfriends’ photos …

Recently, actress Neha Dhupia was trolled for her comments on social media. Neha is a judge in Roadies Revolution. During this time, he made such a comment on a contestant, after which his fans got angry. Now this answer has become a problem for them. Neha also gave clarification about her statement. However Neha is constantly being circulated on social media. Angad gave a bewildering reply to the trollers, sharing five pictures with Neha and wrote- “Hear me, I have five girlfriends !!!!” Uproot That Uproot !!!! Angad also shared 5 pictures of different occasions with Neha.

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