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The father used to have sex everyday with real daughters, one daughter gave birth to 6 children

Coming from southeast Wales, the man raised six children from one of his daughters. During investigation, the police came to know that he had taught his children since childhood that this is the way to live. And father exploit daughter in this way, it is common to not raise any questions, so man used to describe this work as spiritual. The lawyer told the court hearing that the man had completely kept the girls’ mind under control. He often kept an atmosphere like witchcraft. 

He could prove all his work worthwhile. He had also made a deal with a person like ‘Baba’, who regularly told the girls that they should sleep with their father. Apart from this, arrangements were also made for other men that they could sleep with his daughter. All these crimes have been proved in DNA test. It is also learned that when the girl was pregnant for the first time from the father’s child, she was less than 16 years old. This daughter’s father had a total of 6 children. The father is repeatedly saying that he is not guilty. The issue is in court. And this is the last resort to give normal life to the abused girls.

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