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MP’s political drama Part-1 in Bangalore / Digvijay went to convince rebel MLAs and 10 Congress leaders in custody, Kamal Nath said – I will go there if needed

Bhopal / Bangalore. Jyotiraditya Scindia faction of 22 rebels from Congress in Madhya Pradesh has been in Bengaluru for 10 days. The Congress is now trying to persuade the rebels in the midst of the heat of the floor test. For this, former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and some ministers of Kamal Nath Government reached Bangalore on Wednesday morning. But the Karnataka police stopped him outside the Ramada Hotel. After this, all the Congress leaders sat on a dharna on the road. Police detained around 10 Congress leaders, including Digvijay Singh, Kantilal Bhuria. These leaders were taken to the Amritahalli police station. Digvijay has said that now he will go on a hunger strike at the police station. Chief Minister Kamal Nath has described this police action as Hitlership. He said that if needed, I will also go to Bangalore to meet those MLAs.

Kamal Nath condemned the detention of ministers

I have no bomb, no pistol, why did I stop again: Digvijay

Digvijay Singh said, “The police is not letting us meet the MLAs. I am a Rajya Sabha candidate from Madhya Pradesh. Voting is to be held in the assembly for the Rajya Sabha elections on the 26th. Our legislators are held hostage in the hotel here. They want to talk to us, but their mobiles were taken away. BJP leader Arvind Bhadoria and some goons are inside. The life of legislators is in danger. I have no bomb in my hand, no pistol and no weapon. Still why is the police stopping me Let me introduce you, then I will leave. What is wrong with this? ”

Digvijay said- I am not afraid of police under BJP rule

In police custody, Digvijay said, “There is a BJP government in Bengaluru. The police is also acting on their behest. I am not afraid of his police even under BJP rule. But what are BJP leaders afraid of, are they afraid of their police themselves? I have come here to meet my MLAs in a Gandhian way. Hopefully they will return soon. When I spoke to 5 MLAs, they informed about the hostage. Police is under guard for 27 hours in the hotel. Every activity of MLAs is being monitored.

‘Yeddyurappa government misusing government machinery’

Apart from Digvijay, ministers Tarun Bhanot, Sajjan Singh Verma, Harsh Yadav, MLAs Kantilal Bhuria, Arif Masood, Kunal Chaudhary have also gone to Bangalore. On reaching here, Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar came to pick him up. Sivakumar accused the Yeddyurappa government of misusing government machinery. He said that we also have our own strategy. In the current situation, the Congress leader of Madhya Pradesh is not alone here. I always stand by them. We want law and order in Karnataka to be under control.

Jeetu Patwari also tried to meet the rebels

Chief Minister Kamal Nath has also written a letter to the Governor demanding the withdrawal of 22 MLAs from Bengaluru. The Congress alleges that the BJP has kept their MLAs hostage. Floor tests cannot be conducted until they return. On Tuesday, rebel legislators held a press conference and made serious allegations against Chief Minister Kamal Nath. Earlier, 4 ministers of Kamal Nath government including Jeetu Patwari have tried to meet the rebel MLAs. The police then barred Patwari and other ministers outside the resort. He also had a clash with the police, after which all the ministers were taken into custody.

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