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Coronavirus / sixth case in India came to light in Jaipur, confirmed in 69-year-old Italian citizen, 18 more people have come to India with him

Beijing, New York, New Delhi. The sixth case of coronavirus in India has been reported in Jaipur. This person is being told of Italy, his age is 69 years. This case has been confirmed by Sudhir Bhandari, Doctor of SMS Hospital. According to Bhandari, the patient has been kept under intense surveillance. The hospital is also in touch with the Italian Embassy in Delhi. Because 18 people from Italy have traveled with this person.

One case each was reported in Telangana and Delhi on Monday. Treatment is under intensive monitoring of both patients. The 25 passengers who traveled in the bus with the victim were received by the Telangana government. They are also being investigated.

Kejriwal talks with Modi regarding Coronavirus
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding Coronavirus. He said that all effective steps will be taken to prevent this, as it is a very dangerous disease. The Prime Minister has also expressed concern over this.

The highest number of 600 new cases have been reported in South Korea.
Coronavirus continues to spread in the world. New cases have been reported in three more countries. With this, 70 countries of the world have come under JD of Coronavirus. 3,113 people have died. 90900 cases have been revealed. The maximum number of 80,150 cases have been registered in China, so far 2,944 people have died here. 600 new cases have been reported in South Korea. With this, the number of people suffering from coronavirus has crossed 4800. While 29 people have died. 100 cases have been reported in the US, while 6 people have died.

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