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Market / Dow Jones’ record for two consecutive days in 135-year history, biggest fall on Friday, fastest rise on Monday

Mumbai. On Friday, the US market Dow Jones saw a fall of 1,190.95 points. It was the biggest single-day drop in Dow Jones’ 135-year history. The Dow Jones once again made history on Monday. The Dow Jones recorded the highest one-day gain. The US market gained 1293.96 points to reach 26,703.32 points. The Dow Jones gained 5.09%. This is the biggest gain in a decade on a percentage basis. S&P also gained 136.01 points and reached 3,090.23 points. Other markets in the world were Hangseng, Shanghai Composite, Kospi, FTSE.

Nifty gained 171.10 points to 11,303.85 points

The impact of the boom in global markets was also seen on Indian markets. The Sensex opened up 541.57 points on Tuesday due to the rise in other markets of the world. The Sensex rose to 38,685.59 points in early trade. Similarly, the Nifty gained 171.10 points to 11,303.85 points. The Dow Jones saw a sharp rise after last week’s record decline. The Dow Jones gained 1293.96 points to reach 26,703.32.

Nifty’s top 5 gainers

Stock gain
Zee Entertainment 5.11%
Vedanta 4.51%
JSW Steel 3.81%
Eicher Motors 3.34%
Sun Pharma 3.22%
Nifty losers

Stock fall
Bajaj Finserv 1.23%
Titan 0.75%
Axis Bank 0.53%
ITC 0.41%
Kotak Bank 0.38%

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