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One day left in execution: Curator Petition of convict Pawan dismissed, Supreme Court said – there is no question of reconsideration of sentence

  • Among the 4 criminals sentenced to be hanged, only Pawan Gupta now has the option of mercy petition.
  • The convicts Akshay and Pawan demanded the Patiala House Court to stop the hanging on March 3.
  • Nirbhaya’s mother said – the world is watching that the lawyers of the Convicts are misleading the court to stop the execution.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the curative petition of Pawan Gupta, one of the four convicts of Nirbhaya. Pawan had requested to convert the hanging to life imprisonment. His lawyer AP Singh demanded a hearing in open court. To this, a 5-judge bench headed by Justice NV Ramana said that there is no question of reconsidering the sentence. The Patiala House Court, issuing the third death warrant, fixed March 3 as the date of execution.

Earlier on Saturday, convict Akshay Singh filed an appeal in the Patiala House Court, seeking a stay on the March 3 hanging. On this, the court issued notice to Tihar Jail Administration and sought response by 2 March. Akshay said in the petition that he has sent a new mercy petition to the President and it has not been decided yet. According to her lawyer, the previous mercy petition did not have complete facts, so she was rejected.

Only Pawan has legal options

Of the four convicts of Nirbhaya, only Pawan has the only legal option of mercy petition. The remaining three convicts Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Singh and Akshay Thakur have already used all the options. Earlier, the Supreme Court had dismissed Pawan’s plea to be a minor and his review petition on it.

Shocked by inaction of courts: Asha Devi

Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said before the hearing, “I am shocked by the inaction of the courts.” The whole world is watching how the lawyers of the Convicts are misleading the court. These people petitioned just two days before hanging. I want to know why the top court is taking time in that. When the decision has been made, implementation should not take time. “

New date of execution is 3 March

Patiala House Court has issued three death warrants for the four convicts. But the hanging was postponed two times due to convicts legal choice. Now the new date of hanging is March 3, but the lawyer for the convict AP Singh has claimed – keep it in writing, there will be no hanging on this date, because a case of robbery is pending in the Delhi High Court.

  • First Death Warrant (January 7): Order to be hanged at 7 am on January 22, execution pending due to mercy plea of ​​a convict.
  • Second Death Warrant (January 17): Order to be hanged at 6 am on February 1, Court on January 31 deferred hanging indefinitely.
  • Third Death Warrant (February 17): On March 3, hanging order at 6 am, the counsel for the convicts said – we have legal options left now.

16 December 2012: 6 convicts showed cruelty

On the night of December 16, 2012, 6 people had raped a paramedical student in Delhi in a moving bus. Nirbhaya died during treatment in Singapore on 26 December due to severe wounds. In September 2013, 9 months after the incident, the trial court sentenced 5 convicts – Ram Singh, Pawan, Akshay, Vinay and Mukesh – to death. The High Court in March 2014 and the Supreme Court in May 2017 upheld the death sentence. During the trial, the main culprit Ram Singh committed suicide by hanging himself in Tihar Jail.

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