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Jaipur: Gas cylinder burst, woman and 16-year tenant killed

  • Death of wife and tenant of Tadkeshwar temple’s priest due to explosion of gas cylinder.
  • Cylinders burst on the second floor of the house built in the temple complex.
  • Women trapped in debris as roof collapsed due to explosion.
  • In the accident, uncle of deceased scorched.

On Monday morning, a cylinder exploded in a house in the Tadkeshwar temple complex in the city-wide road. In the accident, the wife and a tenant boy of the temple priest died and his uncle was scorched. A part of the house collapsed due to the explosion.

Due to Monday, a large number of devotees gathered in the temple. The accident occurred on the second floor of the house. The bandages were broken by the blast. As soon as the accident happened, there was a scream. Police and civil defense teams reached the spot on information. Both of them were rushed to the hospital where they were declared dead.

According to the information, on the second floor of the house built in the temple premises, Abhishek (16) son of Mahendra and his Lalsot resident uncle Rajesh (42), son of Laxminarayan live on rent. The first floor houses the temple’s Priest Govind Vyas where he lives with his wife Manju, 42-year-old.

On the smell of gas in the morning, he told Abhishek about this and then the cylinder burst with a loud bang. The strips of the house fell apart as the cylinder burst. At the time of the accident, debris fell on Manju who was in the room and she was buried in it. Abhishek also got buried in the rubble. Rajesh was also present in the house which got badly burnt.

The cylinder was leaking for a few days

According to information, Abhishek’s cylinder was leaking for two days. Govind also told Abhishek and Rajesh about this. Even after the smell of gas in the morning, he interrupted Rajesh and then an accident occurred. It is believed that Rajesh must have switched on the light to check the cylinder leakage, when the leaking cylinder caught fire and exploded.

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