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MP: Digvijay accuses Shivraj of horse trading, says- MLA is being offered 25-35 crores

  • Digvijay Singh held a press conference in New Delhi and accused the BJP.
  • Congress General Secretary said that the MLAs of Madhya Pradesh are not from Karnataka. The MLA’s here are not for vendible.

Bhopal / New Delhi: Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh on Monday accused the Madhya Pradesh BJP of trying to horse-trading Congress MLAs. Singh said that BJP, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Narottam Mishra are offering 25 to 35 crores to Congress MLAs to bring down the Congress government.

In a press conference in Delhi, Congress General Secretary Singh has also claimed that the MLAs of Madhya Pradesh are not from Karnataka. The MLA here is not for sale. Digvijay said- “I do not make any allegations without facts. Shivraj and Narottam have agreed. One is the Chief Minister and the other is dreaming of becoming Deputy CM. Shivraj and Narottam are calling Congress MLAs and openly of Congress. 25 to 35 crores are being offered to MLAs.

Take 5 crore now, the second installment will be given in the Rajya Sabha elections and the third installment after the government demolishes (floor test). “

Digvijay specializes in spreading lies: Shivraj

Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that Digvijay Singh wants to blackmail Chief Minister Kamal Nath. Digvijay specializes in spreading lies. They have to show their importance and utility and threaten someone, hence giving such a statement.

Digvijay had accused BJP for horse trading 1 year ago also

In January 2019, former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh accused BJP leaders of buying Congress MLAs. He had said – 100 -100 crore offers have been made to the MLAs by BJP leaders, I have proof of that. On this, BJP’s outgoing state president Rakesh Singh had said that before making allegations Digvijay think how much amount of 100 crores is there.

The government demolished after the resignation of 16 MLAs in Karnataka

After the resignation of 16 MLAs in Karnataka, the 14-month-old coalition government of the Congress-JDS was reduced to a minority. The coalition accused the BJP of horse-trading. Kumar Swami Sarkar fell in floor test. This political upheaval came to light in July 2019. Since then, there was a period of political accusation in the ruling and opposition.

Congress proved majority in cross voting

After this incident in Karnataka, the floor test situation of the government was also made in Madhya Pradesh. On 24 July 2019, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Gopal Bhargava challenged the Chief Minister in the morning that if the party’s numbers one and two are ordered, the government will fall in 24 hours. Only 5 hours after this, Kamal Nath proved majority. During the discussion on the Criminal Law (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2019 in the Legislative Assembly, voting on the bill took 122 votes in favor of it which was 7 more than the majority.

Current Status in Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly: Madhya Pradesh has 230 assembly seats. There are currently 228 members with the demise of 2 MLAs.

  • The Congress has 115 MLAs. (Minister in the government includes 1 Independent).
  • The government also has the support of another 3 Independent MLAs, 2 BSP and 1 SP MLA.
  • BJP has 107 MLAs.

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