The government allowed the use of Internet services via WiFi during the flight in the aircraft

  • Pilot-in-command can allow passengers to use the Internet through Wi-Fi during the flight.
  • Even during Wi-Fi use, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. have to be kept in “Flight” or “Airplane” mode.

New Delhi: There is great news for travelers traveling by air. Passengers can now avail the facility of internet while flying in domestic aircraft. The government has allowed the use of Internet services via Wi-Fi during the flight of the aircraft.

Devices like laptops, smartphones, e-readers, smartwatches can be used

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued a notification for this and amended the Aircraft Act, 1937. According to this, ‘Pilot in command can allow passengers to use the Internet through Wi-Fi during the flight’. Travelers can use devices such as laptops, smartphones, e-readers, smart watches or tablets via the Internet. This service may be suspended by the pilot for times when the weather is bad and visibility is very low.

Currently there is a rule to not use electronic devices

Under Rule 29B of the Aircraft Act 1937, a rule has been made that no passenger or pilot will use electronic equipment in flight. Now the pilot in command can provide this service on the basis of sub rule 1 as per the notification issued by the ministry. Notification has been said in the notification of not just serving the aircraft until it is in the land or in the run way. It has also been stipulated that passengers will keep their electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, e-readers, etc. in “flight” or “aeroplane” mode even while using Wi-Fi.

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