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Investigation revealed: Captain and Trainee Pilot were ignoring the instructions of the flight instructor, plane crash of Chimes Aviation occurred after a while

Bhopal: Visibility was assessed on an eye-to-eye basis at the Chimes Aviation Academy, Dhana, before taking off and landing on the plane. This revelation was made by the District Administration by Additional Collector Moolchand Verma and the then Additional SP Rajesh Vyas. In connection with the night of the incident, investigating instructor Vyas and Verma have been told by Flight Instructor Sarik Ali that Captain Ashok Makwana and Trainee Piyush Chandel were ignoring the instructions even after repeated warnings.

The investigation was done under the direction of Collector Preeti Maithil Nayak. In this report submitted to Aviation Directorate MP, both the officials said that there is no instrument or system to measure visibility in ATC (Air Traffic Control). Aviation’s support staff measures the distance from the marking spot established there according to Vyas. Which is extremely impractical and unscientific. The officials drew this conclusion based on the statements of Aviation’s trainee Ayushkumar Saxena.

The accident took place on the night of January 3 this year

Flight instructor Ali said, I had instructed to land in Bhopal

  • Flight Instructor Sariq Ali has given a statement to the investigating officer Vyas and Verma regarding the night of the incident. He said that I was on duty on 3 January. Captain Ashok Makwana and Trainee Piyush Chandel went to Mahoba on a cross country flight at 6.45 pm.
  • The weather was clear at that time. When they returned at 8.40 pm, they were inside 32 nautical miles. At that time I said that visibility is decreasing. You come soon In response, he said that we will report to you when we are at 10 miles.
  • When they came at 10 miles, I said that you guys should land Bhopal. In response, he said that we will come down on runway 35. After this he did 3 mile go-around, then I again asked that you change your flight to Bhopal.
  • After this, he said, we will get down on Runway 17. After this I gave the last call negative and then asked to go to Bhopal. It did not happen after that. After some time it is revealed that the plane has crashed.

Day and night flights are conditionally permitted

During the investigation, the academy had provided permission related documents. There was also a permission letter about flying at night. Night time is considered to be half an hour before sunset and half an hour before sunrise. The academy management said that this is an uncontrolled air strip, so weather information is obtained by checking from IMD’s site. Based on that, flight take-off and landing are permitted.

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