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Truck drivers pay bribe of 48 thousand crore rupees to police every year

The bribe game is going on openly on the country’s roads. This ‘game’ is so big that it has even surpassed the earnings from many industries. A shocking revelation has revealed that truck drivers pay bribes of up to Rs 48,000 crore to policemen every year.
According to a study, every year the truckers pay such a hefty amount as bribe to the traffic police or other transport officials. Even small groups such as the Pooja Samiti, which are awakening, do not spare them. These local groups threaten truckers and collect money and do not give way for not giving money.

The NGO ‘Save Life Foundation’, which works in the field of road safety, studied 10 major transport and transit centers in the country. During this period, 1217 truck drivers and 110 truck owners were interviewed who own several vehicles. In the survey, 82 percent of the truck drivers admitted that they bribed some officer on the road in their last trip.

These amazing facts came to light

An average bribe of Rs 1257 has to be paid to the truck driver for each journey
84% of Delhi’s drivers accepted bribes to the highway police or traffic police.
78 percent of drivers admitted that they had to bribe for license renewal.
The maximum bribe for renewal of license is given in Delhi itself. Here a driver has to pay an average of Rs 2025.

Worst condition in these cities

  • Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways VK Singh has presented this report. Accordingly, 67 percent of the drivers pay bribes.
  • In Guwahati, 97.5 percent of the drivers accepted the bribe of the traffic police or the officer.
  • This is followed by Chennai (89) percent and Delhi (84.4) percent.

Undeclared rules of bribery

  • According to the survey, there are many undeclared rules of bribery in RTO office. 44 per cent of the people across the country have accepted this fact.
  • It has also been revealed that their methods for taking bribes on the road also vary. Someone takes a bribe with a pink slip, then someone uses another sign.

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