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sedition case filed against Swara Bhaskar in Kanpur, problems may increase

Swara Bhaskar, who has made controversial statements against Home Minister Amit Shah, has been booked for sedition in Kanpur. This complaint was filed by a lawyer.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar is making statements against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), NPR, NRC from different forums these days. Recently when she was asked about NRC, she became a victim of troll due to her answer. However, now Swara’s problems may increase. In Kanpur, senior advocate Vijay Bakshi has filed a sedition complaint against Swara Bhaskar in the court of CMM-7, Kanpur.

Vijay Bakshi has uploaded videos uploaded to YouTube. NBT Online also spoke to Vijay Bakshi. He says, ‘filed a complaint against Swara Bhaskar under sections 124A, 153A, 153B and 505 (2) of the IPC. The court while filing a case in this case has fixed March 20 as the date for my statement.

‘I also watched a video …’

The plaintiff Vijay Bakshi said, ‘Swara Bhaskar gives such provocative speeches to create controversy between the two sects to destabilize the Indian government. Because of this, there is often a fight. I had also seen a video of this, after which a situation of riots broke out in Delhi. In this riot, head constables Ratan Lal and Ankit Sharma of IB were killed. For all these reasons, I have filed this case.

‘Then permission will be sought from the government’

Vijay Bakshi said, ‘Under CRPC 200, the statements of the plaintiff are before the magistrate. I have to give a statement in this. Then there will be statements of my witnesses. After the witnesses are complete, I will seek permission from the government to carry on the sedition case. As you may have seen in the recent Kanhaiya case, the Kejriwal government has approved. Only then the treason trial goes on.

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