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Delhi violence: Arvind Kejriwal “The police personnel could not do anything because they were not getting orders”

CAA: Seven people were killed and nearly 100 were injured on Monday in clashes in northeast Delhi

New Delhi: 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today called for sealing the city’s border in areas that saw violence over the amended citizenship law to prevent “outsiders” from entering the national capital and creating trouble. He said he has got reports that the “police could not do anything” to prevent trouble.

Seven people were killed and nearly 100 were injured in clashes in northeast Delhi between those who support the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA and those who are protesting against it.

“The police personnel could not do anything because they were not getting orders from their seniors. I will raise this with (Home Minister) Amit Shah ji. They can’t decide whether there should be tear-gassing or lathi-charging without orders from above,” Mr Kejriwal told reporters today.

“The police constable who was killed and others who have been injured are all our people, they are the people of Delhi. This is not a good situation. Those whose homes and shops have been burnt down, they are part of someone’s family,” Mr Kejriwal said.

The Chief Minister said he called a meeting of all leaders including from other parties in the areas hit by violence. “They told me that outsiders are coming and trying to make the situation worse. The border of Delhi needs to be sealed for some time,” Mr Kejriwal said.

The areas in northeast Delhi that saw violence on Monday are still tense. Crowds have gathered on the roads strewn with broken bricks and stones.

The fire department this morning said it has been getting more SOS calls. In Maujpur, passengers travelling in an e-rickshaw were thrashed and looted of cash and cellphones this morning.

In Gokulpuri, a mob set a tyre market on fire last night. “The situation is very tense. We are continuously receiving calls related to incidents of violence from northeast Delhi,” the Delhi Police said in a statement.

The violence happened at a time when US President Donald Trump and his family are on a two-day visit to India.

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