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World Bank will give India $ 100 million to fight Corona

India, fighting the Corona virus, will be given emergency financial assistance of 100 billion dollars or 76 billion rupees from the World Bank. It was approved on Thursday. The money will help India in better screening, contact tracing, laboratory diagnostics, purchase of protective equipment and new isolation wards.

The first set of $ 1.9 billion World Bank assistance projects will help 25 countries and new expeditions are being carried forward in more than 40 countries at an accelerated pace. The largest share of emergency financial assistance will be given to India, which will be one billion dollars.

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved the first set of emergency aid for developing countries around the world, after which the World Bank said, “Better than one billion dollars of emergency financial aid in India, screening, contacts, laboratory Investigation, buying personal protective equipment and creating new separate wards will help.

In South Asia, the World Bank has approved assistance of $ 200 million for Pakistan, $ 100 million for Afghanistan, $ 73 million for Maldives and $ 12.86 million for Sri Lanka.

The World Bank also said that it approved a plan to issue $ 160 billion in emergency aid for 15 months to help countries deal with the effects of the global corona virus epidemic.

Corona cases increased rapidly in the country

In India, the corona virus case has spread rapidly despite the lockdown due to a religious ceremony held at Markaj of Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin area of ​​New Delhi.

Corona virus infection is not taking its name. The COVID-19 positive case figure in the country crossed 2000 on Thursday (April 2). According to the Ministry of Health, the number of Corona virus-infected patients in the country has so far reached 2069. At the same time, 53 people have died from this global epidemic so far. Of the total number of corona-infected patients, more than 400 cases belong to the Tabligi Jamaat of Nizamuddin Markaz.

In order to increase the corona virus cases, 235 new cases were registered in a day. The Union Health Ministry has given this information. According to the Health Ministry data, 151 people have been cured of the virus infection so far.

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