Gujarat / daughter asked for books equal to her weight in dowry, father raised 2200 books in 6 months

Rajkot. People usually give jewelry, clothes, gems, vehicles and cash as gifts to their dear daughter while in-laws depart. But in Rajkot, Gujarat, a father left his daughter on Thursday by giving her 2200 books equal to her weight in marriage.

Actually, Kinnari Ba, daughter of teacher Hardev Singh Jadeja, who lives in Nanamwa, is fond of reading books since childhood. He has a library of 500 books at his home. When he got married to Vadodara engineer Purjit Singh, he told his father that in my marriage, if you give books equal to my weight in dowry, then I would love. Then Father Hardev Singh decided that he would fulfill his wish. Purjit Singh lives in Canada.

6 months to collect books

Hardev Singh first made a list of favorite books. Then collected books from several cities including Delhi, Kashi and Bengaluru for 6 months. These include English, Hindi and Gujarati language books of Maharishi Ved Vyas to modern writers. There are also 18 Puranas including Quran, Bible. He said that along with the daughter, these books were also filled in the car and sent off.

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