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Indore / six convicts of Gujarat riots cleaned the temple of Indore, cleaned the kitchen utensils

Ahmedabad. The Supreme Court has sent 6 convicts of Gujarat riots to Indore as punishment. Where everyone cleaned the temples. Organized shoes.

Reach temple on monday evening

According to the authority’s law officer Subhash Chaudhary, all the convicts had come to the temple on Monday evening. As per the condition, everyone swept the temple. After this, the premises were washed with water at night. Cleaned the dishes of all the people who dine in the temple. Now they will be sent to hospitals soon.

Has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder

These six people were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. He was in jail for eight years.

What is the condition

As punishment for these convicts, the condition is that all will stay in Indore and Jabalpur and serve in hospitals. Under this order, six people came to Indore on Monday. All have stayed in the temple on Khandwa Road. These people are doing things like cleaning the temple, keeping shoes and slippers in order. The District Legal Services Authority will also send them to serve in MY Hospital or any government hospital.

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