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controversy / In the Ranji match, the commentator said – every Indian should know Hindi, people said – BCCI should stop imposing Hindi

In the Ranji Trophy match being played between Karnataka and Baroda on Thursday, a statement by BCCI commentator Sushil Doshi sparked controversy. During the seventh over of Baroda’s second innings, he said- I like that Sunil Gavaskar is doing a commentary in Hindi. They are expressing their opinions related to the game in the same language. It seems that Gavaskar dot ball is called ‘Bindi’ ball. To this the second commentator replied that every Indian should know Hindi, because it is our mother tongue. There is no other language than this.

He said, “I get angry on people who say that we are cricketers, should we still talk in Hindi?” If you are living in India, then you should speak Hindi, the mother tongue here. “

Social media users said – India has no mother tongue, each state has its own language

Sushil’s statement has sparked debate on social media. One user wrote on Twitter – This commentator said that every Indian should know Hindi? Who are you to say this? Stop imposing Hindi on people. Not every Indian needs to come to Hindi. Another user wrote – No mother tongue of India. Every state has its own language, so do not impose Hindi.

Rahul-Pandey’s conversation in Kannada was recorded in the stump mic

During the third and final ODI against New Zealand on Wednesday, Indian batsmen KL Rahul and Manish Pandey were talking in Kannada. The conversation of these two was recorded in the stump mic. During this time both used many Kannada words Odi Odi Ba (Aaja, Bhaag) Baratheera (Run Run Kya?), Beda Beda (No, No) and Baa Baa (Aaja). Some Twitter users also shared its video.

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