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Immunity System: HERE’s how you can boost your resistance naturally

Check out the list of nutrients that can boost your immunity power naturally and the foods that can provide you with the nutrients.

The immune system is the prime part of our body, which protects us from all kinds of diseases. This immune system can be classified into two types in our body, i.e. non-specific innate immunity and specific acquired immunity. The former type can attack all types of diseases, while the latter one can attack only specific ones. A strong immune system is the key to have a healthy body and keep all bodily functions working well. So, there is no harm in making this immune system even healthier which can be done by the consumption of healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are highly packed with lots of nutrients and minerals which help to boost the immune system.

So, check out the nutrients that can boost your immune system and the foods that can provide you with these nutrients.

1. Zinc
Zinc is responsible for activating enzymes for producing DNA. Foods rich in Zinc are yoghurt, meat, fish, nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, mushroom, lentils, etc. So, the regular consumption of these will increase the Zinc content in your body.

2. Selenium
Selenium protects us from the oxidative damage and they also help in DNA synthesis. Seafood, barley, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, mushrooms, cow milk, flax seeds, walnuts, broccoli, sunflower seeds, cabbage, spinach and garlic, etc, are the best sources of getting this nutrient in our body.

3. Iron
Iron is responsible for the haemoglobin content in our blood and carries oxygen in the body. Iron can be consumed through organ meats, leafy veggies, pumpkin seeds, figs, quinoa, spinach, legumes, etc.

4. Folic Acid
Folic acid is found in all leafy vegetables, peanuts, sunflower seeds, whole-grain foods, eggs, beans, etc. It is important in our body for the formation of DNA and RNA.

5. Vitamin A
Sweet potato, blood orange, leafy veggies, bell peppers, papaya are rich in Vitamin A which is needed for boosting the immune system and regulating the inflammatory systems.

6. Copper
Copper helps the iron to form red blood cells in the body. It can be received by consuming whole-grain foods, nuts, leafy vegetables, prunes and beans.

7. Vitamin C
It is considered to be the best antioxidant that protects us from free radical damage and boosts the immune system. You can get Vitamin C from citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple, and papaya.

8. Vitamin E
Sunflower seeds, almonds, mustard greens, peanuts, spinach are a good source of Vitamin E. This nutrient also saves from free radical damage.

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