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Uganda : Corona suspects having sex with strangers in Quarantine, guards have to be installed!

The corona virus epidemic in the world has become the biggest tragedy of the last several decades. In order to avoid the outbreak of Corona virus, many countries have undergone a complete lockdown and have implemented strict rules of social distancing. However, there is a worrying trend in Uganda. 

The Ministry of Health of Uganda has revealed that all the people living in government quarantine have started having physical relations with each other.

Dianna Atwinne, Permanent Secretary of Uganda’s Ministry of Health, told Radio One that she was most worried that it would divert efforts to stop the corona virus epidemic. (Symbolic picture)

He said that people are moving from one room to another to make connections with the people meeting at the Quarantine Centers. This will spread the corona virus infection further.

Atwine said, Ugandan citizens are not serious about the risk of corona virus. Some people living in Quarantine are running sexual affairs. Where we have kept them in the quarantine, they are going to the rooms of others. Apart from an affair with strangers, some people are roaming around in the hotel to meet their friends and cousins. This is very dangerous and it will shock our efforts. (Symbolic picture)

Atwine said that this is the reason why even after 14 days some people have been kept in quarantine. To prevent movement of people, security officers have also been deployed at Quarantine Centers. 

In March, the Health Ministry had set up 17 isolation centers to reduce cases of corona virus infection. The ministry had said that 17 quarantine centers have been set up in Kampala and Entebbe in which the safety of all will be ensured without seeing the social status. 

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More than 232 people have been quarantined in hotels, hospitals, lodges and isolation centers built in the university. Uganda currently has 54 cases of corona virus while 7 people have recovered. So far no one has died here due to corona infection.

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