Palmistry: If you also have Y mark in your hand then definitely read here

There are many people who have many types of scars in their hands. At the end of the palm of many people, there is a mark like Y between the lifeline and the brain, which tells a lot. Today we are going to tell you about the secret of that Y mark. It is said that this mark on the palm has both auspicious and inauspicious effects. So let’s know about them.

Y mark on the palm: If any line from the lifeline is going towards Chandra mountain, then it makes a mark of reverse Y but in the view, it looks like a normal line. It has a lot of effect in a person’s life

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It is said that if the branch coming out of the lifeline is stopping by going to the Chandra mountain, then the mark of Y formed from it is considered very auspicious. With this, the person in whose hands it happens lives happily and auspiciously in life. The person whose palm has such a mark of Y also travels more. It is said that if the branch coming out of the lifeline normally makes a mark of Y, then it is considered inauspicious and it has a bad effect on a person’s life.

It actually communicates inauspiciousness in a person’s life and says about the line that a person’s life is degraded. It is said that such people are surrounded by many types of diseases and they become physically weak.

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