Palmistry : These signs indicate a career of a veterinary doctor

The shape of the palm and the position of the fingers in the palm also matter a lot. The lines of the hands with the texture and thickness of the fingers point towards the future of the person. Learn from astrologer Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, what indicates such designs and lines.

  • A person who is full of the middle part of the hand and the front of the fingers is thick, along with the sun line is also clear and excellent, then such a person becomes a vet.
  • The woman whose hand is round, thin, flat and her hand is strong. Also, the vertical lines on Mount Mercury are clearly visible. The lunar-Venus mountains are also excellent. So such a woman becomes a nurse.
  • The person who has small vertical lines on Mount Mercury in his hand. Mount Mars is superior and if two vertical lines are seen on it, then such a person becomes an expert in chemistry.
  • The person whose hands are high Mars and Mercury Mountains. The fingers are long, front round, thin or flat and with this the second part of all the fingers is full, there are three to four vertical lines on Mount Mercury, the palm is strong, the sun line and brain line are also deep. If such a person becomes a doctor or a doctor.
  • If a person with a lunar mountain line is high and thick in his hand and the sun line is clear, auspicious, then a person becomes a pulse specialist.

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