Palmistry- Your palm tells much about your pregnancy problems…check inside detail with a pic

People, who have an understanding of Palm reading, would know that the Mount of Venus in one’s hand represents love and intimacy. And, depending upon the bulge and shape of this Mount of Venus, palmists and astrologer determine the activeness, romantic, and sensual nature of an individual.

Sometimes, there are several markings in and around the Mount of Venus that are linked with one’s sexual life and family life, i.e. progeny. These markings can be anywhere around the Mount of Venus, below it or even inside it.

 Marks on Palm : These markings have different interpretations in the case of men and women. Today, I am going to share with you the knowledge about certain marks in and around the Mount of Venus that reveals a lot about fertility, loss of progeny, etc., in women.

Net marks: A net-shaped marking on the Mount of Venus is an indication on miscarriage.

Bracelet line: If the bracelet line makes a sign of island (outward) right under the Mount of Venus, then it is an indication of loss of progeny.

Bracelet inward curve: Women who have the bracelet line in a curve (inwards) the Mount of Venus experience problems in conceiving and often have kids in very late age.

Broken line: A woman, who has a part of her lifeline (after breaking in between) going towards the Mount of Venus experiences problem related to fertility, ovary follicles and urinary tract.

Little finger mark: A person who has a line going straight from their little finger up to middle finger has chances of accident and childlessness.

X mark: If there is an ‘X’ (cross shaped) marking right under the space between the middle finger and fourth finger, then it’s a sign of infertility.

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