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Italy : 92 year old Dino Impagliazzo is known as the chef of the homeless, feeding 1000 poor people for 15 years for free

Rome: 92-year-old Dino Impagliazzo, living in Rome, Italy’s capital, has been feeding the city’s 1000 poor and homeless three days a week for 15 years. Because of this, he is called the chef of the poor. For this, he prepared a kitchen, in which food is made. He is assisted by a team in this task. The food is distributed at three railway stations a week and one day near the famous St. Peters Square.

Dino has retired from the Social Security Department. For this work he has formed an association. There are about 300 people in this team. They collect donations from food markets and bakeries four days a week. After this, whatever funds are available. The food is prepared and distributed among the people. Dino says that he started this work 15 years ago after meeting a needy at a railway station. In fact, he demanded some money from Dino for Sandwich. After this, he decided to start this work. Dino said, “We try to connect people with it, so that there will be love and belonging among the people of Rome.”

Dino is described by the President as the hero of his time

Dino’s team members feed the homeless on Saturday at St. Peters Square. Here Pope Francis has provided open medical and bathing facilities. Hence, most of the homeless are found here. Dino has been honored by President Sergio Mattarella on this initiative. The President calls Dino the hero of his time. Dino says that he had not thought of such a huge success.

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