Transformation : Titanic singer Celine Dion sheds weight; stays in the limelight due to luxury lifestyle…

51-year-old Canadian singer Celine says that even though the age is increasing, the desire to live life should always be young so she does a lot to keep herself fit and beautiful. She always wants to look strong, beautiful and feminine so she lost weight and music is her passion. She dances with her friend and stylist Pep Munoz and is also training to lose weight. Dion’s husband René Angélil died of throat cancer three years ago. They also have 2 twins. Angelil was Celine’s manager and was much older than her.

Celine started singing at the age of 5

Celine started singing at the age of 5. In 1990 Dion launched his first English album, Unison, and after that, Waynorth became popular in the US. One of his albums sold 20 million copies which was a record. Seeing Michael Jackson’s program at the age of 18, she felt that she too should be a star and then luck supported her and she went on.

Dion earns from all these businesses

Celine is also the founder of the Nickel’s Restaurant Food Chain of Canada. Together with her husband, she has also bought Lee Mirage Golf Club and Wartz Restaurant in Canada. She is also a partner of America’s Popular Nightclub, which also holds the participation of big personalities like Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, which is located in Kesars Palace. She also has a perfume product named Celine Dion. Dion has also worked for a promotional campaign at Air Canada. Not only this, her husband Angelil also had assets worth Rs 2,859 crore. Angelil has been a Canadian manager, director and former singer. He died of throat cancer in 2016, 2 days before celebrating his 74th birthday.

Private jets and expensive cars

Celine also has her Global Express Jet, which allows her to reach her favorite places and music concerts easily. He is also fond of expensive cars and can be seen many times while posing with them. Maybach-62 worth over 3 crore is also in his car collection.

Luxurious House

Celine’s husband René Angelil bought a luxury house in Jupiter Island, Florida for 515 crores. It has a water park site pool, 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and its interior is also excellent. Spread over 10,000 square feet in Bahamian style, this house also has a private beach of 415 feet. Both of them spent a long time here. The house worth 515 crores was sold by Celine after the death of her husband for only 193 crores, which she now misses very much and she regrets selling the house for a low price.

Fond of stylish clothes

Dion is very choosy in her wear and is fond of stylish clothes. Apart from this, he has also launched the Gender Neutral Clothing line for children. He especially likes bright colors, so that he can also look better during stage performance.

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