Advice: Apple CEO Tim Cook outlines examples of how to control business narratives

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you are better informed about your company than anyone else. In such a situation, good communicators know that if they want to become successful, then from time to time they have to be ready to answer questions related to their product or vision. Also, as a professional, they also know that these answers should be straightforward and understandable, rather than being round and complicated. In this case, you can learn a lot from Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Keep a new perspective every time

Recently in a quarterly report of Apple, it was seen that the company’s profits and iPhone revenue had declined. In response to a question about this, Tim started off like I can see it – and stated that iPhone’s revenue was good enough for a quarter, and then he shifted the convergence to the company’s services business.

In another interview, Tim responded to a question about the company’s declining business, something like this – now let me tell you my point of view – and then he told his Revenue Stream and loyal customers. The result was once again growing shares.

Reframe, don’t misguide

Tim many times control the narrator by resorting to these types of words. Their goal is to have one thing – to make the audience understand their words clearly. Reframing a conversion does not mean misleading the audience with the wrong information.

This reframing is simply a way to develop a better understanding of your audience about your business. After all, Tim would never want to risk losing the confidence of his audience by giving false information.

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