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Sweden / Hotel Arctic Bath floating on water, ready in 2 years, one day fare 75 thousand rupees

Stockholm. ‘The Arctic Bath’, a floating hotel and spa on the Lule River in the northern Lapland region of Sweden, has begun for the public on Tuesday. The hotel can be reached through wooden floating pathways and boats. Customers can also use cars, helicopters to reach the hotel from the airport. The hotel has 12 rooms. The construction of the hotel started in 2018. It is designed by architects Bertil Harstrom and Johann Koppi. While making this, full care has been taken to maintain the natural environment.

There is such a craze among people that booking for 2020 and 2021 has already started. A day’s rent here is 815 pounds (about 75 thousand rupees). The hotel will float on the river during summer, but in winter when the river freezes. In this case, the hotel will also be fixed with water.

Spa Center Theme Based on Wellness

The wellness theme has been worked out at the spa center of Hotel The Arctic Bath, located an hour 15 from Lulia Airport. Special meditation therapy is being given here for the nutrition, workout and peace of mind of the customers.

The hotel team has also made preparations to establish synergy between the tourists and the people of the local village of Herads. Under this, guests will be able to visit the village and learn about the semi culture of the local resident.

In addition, customers find this place favorable for polar bear sightings, horse riding and natural photography. Views of Northern Lights can also be seen from here.

What is Northern Light

These lights appear on the North and South magnetic poles of the Earth. Gas particles move in the air near the north pole. It has a 6 month day and a 6 month night. When the sunlight falls on these gas particles in the middle of the night, colorful lights start shining in the sky. These are called Northern Light. They range in size from 20 km to 640 km.

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