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Dubai / 3 drivers of Indian origin won lottery worth Rs 41 crore; Was set to sell car when business closed from Corona

Dubai. Three drivers of Indian origin became millionaires overnight in Dubai. All three are originally from Kerala. They have won an amount of around Rs 41 crore through the mega jackpot lottery on Friday. According to Khaleej Times report, the lottery was in the name of Jijesh Corothan. He along with friends Shah Jahan Kuttikattil and Shanoj Balakrishnan bought the ticket. Therefore, now the three have decided to share the prize money among themselves.

Jijesh told, “The three of us together started driving a limousine (luxury car) a few days ago. Had taken a loan to buy a limousine. But due to Coronavirus, the tourism sector completely collapsed. Our work has also stopped. So we were ready to return to Kerala. There was no money to pay the EMI of the car. Therefore, it was decided to repay the debt by selling it. But before the meeting with the customer, suddenly our luck changed. Now we will be able to fill EMI easily and start working again. ”

will spend his daughter’s education and business.

Jijesh says that he will spend his daughter’s education and business. He will spend this amount on his daughter’s studies. Apart from this, the remaining amount will be used to grow their limousine service business. This lottery is like a lifeline for us. Jitesh says that the work started by the three together a few days ago. Earlier, he used to drive others’ vehicles.

Last year, businessmen and drivers also won the prize,

in 2019, the fate of Indian businessman Prabin Thomas has also changed due to this lottery. Thomas had won a lottery of 6 crores in Dubai. Prabin also hails from Kerala. Apart from this, John Varghese of Kerala had won 21 crores in lottery. Varghese worked as a driver in a private company in Dubai.

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