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Bigg Boss 13 Written Update February 5, 2020: Shenaaz And Sidharth’s Tough Time Together

New Delhi: 

We got another glimpse of Bigg Boss 13 house on Wednesday. The press conference continued in this episode as well. It didn’t come a surprise when a journalist questioned Sidharth Shukla about his frequent arguments with Asim Riaz. Sidharth justified saying that he only responds to Asim when he nudges him on the show. He further stated that he himself has never initiated an argument with Asim and said, “If you set the bar, I’ll raise it.” He was also asked about his friendship with Shehnaaz Gill, which seems to be fading slowly. However, he justified this also by saying that there has been no visible difference and that they have been together since the past few days. Later, Shehnaaz was also questioned about her “love” for Sidharth. She replied by admitting that she does “love” him but is unable understand which type of “love.” Shehnaaz also said that if Sidharth ever feels anything for her, he should tell her before its too late.

At the press conference, the media confessed that they don’t understand Shehnaaz’s stand regarding her friendship with Sidharth. She has been playing the opposite role instead. Shehnaaz managed to justify saying that when she is in another different team, she would play against him and not with him. Shehnaaz also said that her name ‘Shehnaaz Gill’ sounds better than the trending ‘Sidnaaz.’

After the press conference came to an end, the media personnel were given the opportunity to elect a contestant as the Elite Club member. A voting session took place in the lawn for contestants Shehnaaz, Aarti, Rashami, Paras and Mahira. Asim and Sidharth were not on the nominations list for the Elite Club member. With maximum votes, Rashami won the Elite Club membership and received a fancy coat. She later thanked the journalists, who were present there for electing her.

Soon after, Sidharth found Shehnaaz sitting alone and initiated a conversation with her regarding what she had said at the press conference. Shehnaaz tried to explain herself to him about the answers she gave at the press conference. However, she started crying as Sidharth raised his voice at her. Meanwhile, we also got a glimpse of Rashami comforting Shehnaaz after Sidharth left.

In a conversation later, Shehnaaz and Sidharth decided to wash the utensils together as they tried to fix things between themselves.

In the climax of this episode, on day 129, the female contestants are given a task. They are allotted a time span of 30 minutes to put on make-up. They will also get to choose their photographer from the male contestants of the house. Asim, Sidharth and Paras are given the power to choose the winner of the task

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