Palmistry : Lines here indicate about health (health line / diseases / cure/ power )

Mounted Sun towards Saturn is considered a sign of lucklessness. If this mountain is inclined towards Mercury, then such a person gets respect in society by becoming a successful businessman and rich. But more lines on Surya Mountain make a person sick.

According to Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, if the Sun is not in the palm of the palm, the person is dim minded or illiterate. Such a person cannot do anything in the field of education. If the Sun Mountains are less developed, then such a person, despite having an interest in beauty, does not achieve complete success in it. Clearly developed Surya Mountains indicate confidence, gentleness, kindness, generosity and wealth in a person.

A person with pre-developed Sun Mountains has an amazing ability to influence others in society. Such natives are also honored at the national and international level. But if the Sun Mountains become over-developed, then the situation is reversed. Such a person is false praise, extravagant and quarrelsome. Such people never achieve complete success in life. Their friendship is also limited to ordinary people.

If the Sun is inclined towards Mount Saturn, the person is reclusive and pessimistic and always has a shortage of money. Such natives start work before completing one task. Because of this, both tasks are not completed.

Health Line

The health line, head line, life line and heart line are regarded as the most important lines that can indicate whether we can lead a healthy life. All of these lines should be visible on our palms without any irregularities, breaks, chains and islands.

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In palmistry, the line of health is related to the health of a person. It clearly indicates the state of your digestive system, the functioning of your liver, and various problems that can arise from the impairment of the important function of these organs. This line is also addressed as the line of the liver, line of Mercury, line of Hepatica, or stomach line.

People who have this line may have gastrointestinal or liver diseases, stomach and intestinal problems due to repressed nervousness, emotions, or physical factors such as intestinal parasites or poor diet. This may also signify gynaecological issues in women. It can also affect your kidney, ovaries and uterus, especially when the line is broken and weak.

If the health line is absent, it usually means that health will not be a matter of concern. The degree of sickness can be measured by the strength or weakness of this line. A wavy or broken line could mean potential health risks.

A square found on the line means protection. For example, you have had a narrow escape or a good medical treatment; whereas island on the line means that you need to be hospitalized. If the health line is crossed, it means that the person is prone to accidents.

If a triangle is formed by the head, health, and the lifelines, then it is considered very auspicious and the broader the area of this triangle, the greater the person’s luck.

A health line which is uneven and twisted is believed to be a sign of liver problems, whereas a dark and deep health line found joining the head and heart line is the sign of mental disturbance. If the broken health line crosses your headline, it means nervous temperament and a need for stability and calmness in your life. If your health line cuts at your heart line, then romance may also take a hit and have a serious negative impact.

When the line starts from the heart line at the mount of mercury and runs through the lifeline, it predicts some weakness of the heart. The pale colour and thick lines are the connotations of bad circulation. If it is red in colour then it indicates heart trouble.

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