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Hindu leader Ranjit Bachchan murdered for wife, money and ‘him’!

Along with Lucknow, Gorakhpur crime branch is also involved in solving the mystery of the murder of Hindu leader Ranjit Bachchan. Police investigation is proceeding on the possibility of murder in wife, money and ‘she’ controversy. In this, police are searching for three suspects of Gorakhpur. However, the angle of Hindu image has not been completely ignored by the police. The Lucknow police is investigating all the networks of Ranjit connected to Gorakhpur. The police has prepared a complete list of those who took advantage of and benefited from Ranjit, who was close to power. Police are also questioning Abhishek and Jyoti, residents of Bhilotti of Maharajganj.

Abhishek and Jyoti went to meet Ranjit

Ranjit and Aditya met Abhishek and Jyoti before the incident. Abhishek and Jyoti went to Lucknow to meet Ranjit in connection with the job. He was to go to Noida the next day. This is the reason why the police has also kept the transaction of money in the name of job under scrutiny.

Mystery on third wife remains intact

The mystery about Ranjit’s third wife still remains. Some close people are claiming Bachchan’s third wife and are also looking for a third wife in the murder. However, first wife Kalindi claims to have only two wives, not three. The first is himself and the second is memory. After living together for a year, the memory began to separate.

Search for entire network of Gorakhpur

There is a possibility of the Ranjit murder case being linked to Gorakhpur itself. This is the reason that the police is looking for three suspects from Gorakhpur. It also includes a school manager of Shahpur area. The second person is also from Gorakhpur. He often accompanied Ranjeet. But he is not known since the incident. Mobile is also switched off. At the same time, the third person often used to walk with him in Lucknow in the morning, but he did not show on the day of the incident. He also has mobile switch off.

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