Co-WIN server ‘crashes’ at 4pm as vaccine registration for 18+ begins, ‘Minor glitch,’ says Aarogya Setu ; Government claims – media reports wrong, nothing like this happened

Vaccination of people of 18 years and above in the country will start from May 1. For this, as soon as registration started from 4 pm on 28 April, the Kovin portal started crashing. Registration has started from this portal. People faced a similar problem on Arogya Setu and Umang App.

Throughout the day, people continued to express anger on social media about the problems faced in registration. There was a lot of news in the media as well. After this, in the late evening, the Central Government issued a statement and declared such reports as baseless. The government said the media reports were false, the Covin digital platform did not crash. It is working well. The government also informed that between 4 and 7 pm, more than 80 lakh people have registered on the portal.

National Health Authority CEO RS Sharma said that we had done about 50 lakh test registrations in a day on the registration platform. It may be that the number has doubled since the registration opened. We are ready for this.

The government told the date of registration, not the time.

Earlier , the government announced the date for registration, but at what time the registration will start? No information was given about this. In such a situation, people started trying to register on the Kovin portal, Arogya Setu or Umang App from 12 pm on 27 April. In the event of the process not starting, people were also seen complaining on social media.

After this, the government explained the situation through the Arogya Setu App. Accordingly, for those 18+ age who want to get vaccinated, registration will start from 4 pm on Wednesday. Such people will also get appointments only on the basis of availability of private and state government centers. That is, people will be given an appointment only on the basis of centers ready for vaccination on May 1.

Annoyed by the delayed announcement of time, people were announced to
start registration from 7.50 am to 4 pm via the Twitter handle of Arogya Setu. That’s why people trying to register well in advance expressed a lot of resentment on social media. He said that the government should have announced the time in advance. People were trying to register registration since 12 noon on 27 April.

On, the registration is supposed to be through OTP, sent to the mobile number entered by a user. While many users complained of a delay in receiving the OTP, many said they received the OTP, but the website was not allowing them to ‘verify and proceed’ even after they put the OTP.

Fake links running in the name of
Kovin are also running some fake links like Kovin for for registration of vaccination for people above 18 years of age. However, the government has made it clear that registrations for this will be done only on Kovin, Arogya Setu and Umang App.

Why is politics happening when 18+ is vaccinated?

  • Recently, at a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the decision was taken to vaccinate 18+ population of the country. But it is very complicated. Under the policy, after getting approval from the Central Drug Laboratory of Kasauli, 50% of the doses will go to the center and the remaining doses will be distributed to the states and private hospitals.
  • The central government has signed a deal to pay Rs 150 per dose from Serum Institute for Kovishield and Bharat Biotech for Kovaxin. For the states, one dose of Kovshield will be Rs 400 and one dose of Kovaxin will be Rs 600. Companies have fixed this price.
  • Now there are many questions about this, to which no one currently has answers. For example, why are there different prices for the governments of the Center and the States? Why is the Center not providing vaccine doses to the states by purchasing itself? How will the distribution of vaccine doses to states and private hospitals be divided?
  • Politics has also got hot on this. Health Ministers of Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Punjab and Chhattisgarh have held a joint press conference and said that the Center is treating them with steps. When he asked for a dose from the Serum Institute, he replied that it would not be possible before 15 May. Now these states are saying that even if it was not in the budget, they will raise the money somehow but if they do not get the vaccine dose then how will they vaccinate 18+?

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