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SME players of Jalandhar get ready, SME Growth Summit will give new expansion to your business

The growth of the SME sector, ie small and medium scale industry, is very important to strengthen the economy. That is why the government is also making all efforts with new initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and many initiatives like Make in India. But there are still many challenges ahead of small and medium industry players, so they need the right support and guidance to emerge.In such a situation, Dainik Bhaskar and ICICI Bank are going to organize MME Growth Summit to discuss these problems and their solutions. This event will be held in Jalandhar on 27 January. In this event not only ICICI Bank SME customers but non ICICI Bank SME customers can also participate.

Discussion will be made on making the environment accessible for entrepreneurship

In the event organized by ICICI Bank, many SME players will be giving guidance to new and emerging SME players along with many suggestions. To all SME players here.

An opportunity will be provided to interact with industry experts and seek the advice of experts on new aspects of advancing the industry. It will also discuss how to make the environment better and accessible for entrepreneurship.

The main objective of this summit by ICICI Bank; How to establish more and more startups, how to grow small and medium enterprises is to consider the fact. Along with this, how to make all the capital related functions accessible to the traders associated with SME sector will be discussed. So that all the upcoming players and new players can establish themselves properly in the Indian and international market.

Ready to take SME players globally

Like every time, this time also ICICI Bank will provide information of high level facilities, products and services to customers or entrepreneurs present there through this summit. Through various formats, ICICI Bank will provide an opportunity for SMEs to interact with industry experts and seek expert advice on new aspects of advancing the industry. The theme of the event this time is – ‘Emerging trends and opportunities in domestic and international trade for MSME sector’.In this event, opportunities will be discussed globally for the industry.

SME players will get a new way –

  • Through this event, how can the situation of small and medium industries be improved and this will be discussed. Along with this, many topics such as how to overcome the problems in setting up the industry and running it smoothly will be discussed.
  • During the panel discussion, the industry experts present there will give various suggestions and guidance to MSME industries to reach the global market from the local market.
  • Through this event, SME and new emerging traders will get an opportunity to know and understand the trends of domestic and international markets. Along with this, the SMEs present here will also receive many kind of suggestions and opportunities to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, use of technology and employment in the country.
  • Problems related to production and exports and problems related to capital will be discussed through SME Growth Summit. Also, answers will be given to the questions asked by the industrialists of SME sector present there.

If you also want to take your business to the height and give a new place to your venture, then make your presence visible in this conference and take your business on the path of height.

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