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Sex problem FAQs : I want to know how often it is safe to have sex in one night? So that the health of neither of the two partners is also damaged.

Question : I am 34 years old and my wife is 29 years old. Our marriage has been 2 months and we met through a metrimonial site, so we don’t know much about each other. I never asked him about his old relationships. Is it true that greater demand for sex by one partner reduces the other partner’s interest in sex? How often is it safe to have sex in one night? So that there is no problem for myself and partner?

Answer: There is no fixed number of times a person should perform sex in one night. In the initial months of marriage people like to have more sex and then after few months this number decreases. I would suggest that both of you respect your will and partner’s wish too. Understand your Arjunal pattern and find the correct timing according to each other. Why wait only for the night about sex?

Question: I am 25 years old and my girlfriend is the same. When we did a first time intercourse a few days ago, it hurt a lot. He suffered the same pain during intercourse for the second time, although this time we used lubricant. Now she does not want to talk about sex topics, she says that she no longer has to do intercourse. Is there any medicine that does not hurt her?

Answer : You should see a doctor. See a doctor who can help you properly on this subject. May be the doctor adjusts an anesthetic cream and tells you how to apply it to Vagina. It can be helpful in relieving pain.

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