‘Speech four islands’ ready for one lakh Rohingya refugees; UN had opposed.

Bangladesh claims to have fully developed the ‘Speech Four Islands’ in the Bay of Bengal to settle Rohingya refugees. It says that arrangements have been made to build a house, a hospital, a mosque and provide all facilities to settle one lakh Rohingya refugees in the island.

Large dams have also been built to protect the island from the threat of floods. Speech Four Islands was a deserted island located 30 kilometers east of Hatia Island in southeast Bangladesh. The island was formed about two decades ago at the mouth of the Meghna River.

Bangladesh’s Refugee Relief and Resettlement Commissioner Mahbub Alam Talukdar told news agency AP that the speech is all set to settle the Rohingya Muslim refugees displaced from Myanmar in the four islands and about one lakh refugees out of 10 lakh living in Bangladesh soon Will be sent there only.

Speech Four Islands is 30 kilometers east of Hatia Island in southeast Bangladesh. Bangladesh government has settled it at a cost of 2300 crores. Recently, a Bangladeshi journalist, Saleh Noman, visited the place and said that people are slowly settling there. Many shops have also opened there.

However, it is a floating island and the proposal to settle Rohingya refugees was opposed by the United Nations because the island could be completely destroyed in any major storm. But the Bangladesh Navy has claimed to have an effective action plan for this.

The contractors engaged in the development of the island told that they have built a fine, beautiful and full of every facility there. However, still Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that she will send the body of the people to the United Nations only in this regard.

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