Selfie syndrome / Repeatedly taking selfie is also a syndrome, you can also be a victim of ‘selfitis’

People take two-three selfies every day, so some are unable to set a limit. Taking selfie when it becomes an addiction is called self-sufficiency. It is a type of mental disorder in which a person takes several selfies throughout the day. This has an effect on both his mind and behavior. If you are taking more than four-five selfies in a day, then consider this, you can become a victim of selfie syndrome.

Know what causes selfie syndrome:

1.Social Narcissism: It is also a type of mental disorder, which is associated with social media. To get attention, a person posts his / her selfie, photos or status on social media constantly. This addiction is called social narcissism. Continuously changing the profile picture on social media, posting multiple status or photos, checking social media accounts 60 to 100 times a day, having more conversations through comments or chats, being angry or aggressive through comments would be the result of this disorder.It is a type of mental disorder in which a person takes several selfies throughout the day. This has an effect on both his mind and behavior.

2. There are many reasons for the disorder:Taking frequent pictures in an effort to take a good selfie, attracting people’s attention, lack of trust and a sense of fit and looking best, social competition, desire to get more likes on social media, comments and compliments Competition to get, etc. can be due to repeated selfies.

3. Mentally dangerous: When a person does not get the favorable praise or attention, he becomes frustrated and irritable. When the picture is not good compared to other people or he is not satisfied with his pictures, then his confidence starts to decline. He prefers to be alone, stay away from family and close friends or get addicted to drugs. This can cause depression and can also lead to suicide.

4. Treatment is therapy : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is commonly used worldwide to relieve such addiction. This therapy inspires the victim to find a connection between his or her inner thought process, emotion and action. CBT helps in removing such misconceptions and insecurities that promote drug abuse, thoughts of suicide, depression etc. in such a person.However treatment depends on the condition of the person. So if you or someone around you suffers from selfie or social narcissism, take it to a specialist. Apart from this, regular counseling can also be done to increase confidence.

Identify symptoms of selfie syndrome in this way:

Borderline Syndrome– A person takes a number of selfies, but does not put them on social media.

Acute Syndrome– In this situation a person takes several selfies and posts them everywhere like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Chronic syndrome– In this condition the person is not satisfied even after taking several selfies. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking more selfies remains in his mind.

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