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Anne Hathaway steals sighs with fiery cleavage on Instagram | The State

Anne Hathaway.

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

The actress Anne Hathaway surprised all his followers in Instagram by sharing a series of photos where he looks the most sensual and Elegant.

As part of the promotion of his new movie ‘Locked Down’, the 38-year-old singer, posted the images that quickly caused tons of reactions and thousands of comments praising her beauty and bearing.

Next to a swimming pool, the protagonist of films like ‘The Devil Wears Pradra’ and Interstellar‘, She poses standing and reclining wearing three different dresses in metallic tones that highlight her charm and extraordinary figure.

‘Locked Down’, film production starring the American and the actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, tells the story of a couple living in London who decide to separate in the middle of confinement by the pandemic, causing both to rethink the direction of their lives.

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Georgina Rodríguez steals sighs with great cleavage | The State

Georgina Rodríguez turned heads when she arrived at the Globe Soccer Awards gala that took place in Dubai, where she stole sighs with a dress It is overshadowed by a plunging neckline and a leg opening.

Rodríguez accompanied to “Commander” on the blue carpet in a bright red dress With a neckline that stole the breath of the fans, grabbing all the photos and media attention.

The model wore a spectacular red dress on the night that her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo was named the player of the century over Lionel Messi.

Georgina Rodriguez steals sighs with great cleavage


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This is the new boyfriend for whom Ana Brenda Contreras sighs | The State

Ana Brenda Contreras.

Danny Moloshok. / Grosby Group

Ana Brenda Contreras She has been encouraged to officially introduce her new love through social networks, choosing a day as special as her boyfriend’s birthday to share their first photo together. The man who has stolen the heart of the Mexican is a businessman named Zechariah who, as has emerged in recent weeks, has been previously married and whose wife passed away.

The couple have known each other for a long time because he turns out to be the older brother of the interpreter’s best friend. The first time they were seen together in public was at the gala Latin Grammy last year, but Ana He has wanted to wait until now to proclaim his love to the four winds by dedicating a romantic greeting to him.

“Happy birthday to the king, to the one with the kindest heart and the eternal smile. The one who takes care of us all, the one who gives me perspective and levels me. But above all, it always makes me smile (or laugh) “, she has written in Instagram next to a beautiful image in which she appears sitting on her boyfriend’s lap.

The beautiful artist’s colleagues have been quick to react to her message to assure her that they are happy to see her so happy.


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Meet the spectacular home of Inés Sainz, the reporter who makes sighs in the NFL | The NY Journal

The beautiful television presenter has a very nice house that she proudly shares with her four children

The reporter Ines Sainz, who is famous for her coverage and interviews of the NFLShe has taken advantage of the last few months to study her third master’s degree, open a restaurant bar and spend quality time at home with her four children.

Through various videos and photographs, the presenter has also allowed us to know the intimacy of the spectacular home she has in the city of Queretaro, located three hours from the Mexican capital.


Her kitchen has stainless steel appliances, a white cupboard with silver details and an island in the center, which is where she prepares the most exquisite recipes, with desserts being her favorite dishes.

Dining room

Although many celebrities use the bar in their kitchen as a breakfast area, their house is so spacious that there is room for a dining room made up of a wooden table with space for eight chairs of the same material.

The room is completed by a wooden piece of furniture for your crockery and a picture of various whole and split lemons.

Dinning room

His dining room, which is located just to one side of his living room, is composed of a long table with capacity for 12 people, which he loves to have adorned with a vase in the center.


His living room is made up of two long gray sofas, two silver-tone singles, a coffee table and some plants.

Television room

Your TV room consists of a long, light-colored piece of furniture, two coffee-colored placemats, a glass coffee table and a large flat screen embedded in an elegant wooden cabinet.


Although she always looks for space to be with her children, the Azteca Deportes reporter also has a place for her, as is the case in her office.

There, in addition to taking Business Development classes with the help of a desk and his laptop, he also has an altar to the ego, where he framed several of the magazine covers that he has starred in throughout his life.

Your children’s bedroom

The bedroom of Hector and Yayo, her twins, has two single beds with a gray headboard and base, with a chocolate-colored chest of drawers between the two beds and a trophy room.


Although she often goes to the gym to exercise, in recent months she has been forced to improvise a home workout center, which helped her maintain the body that characterizes it so much during the confinement.


Its terrace, from which you have a very nice view of the garden, is equipped with various outdoor furniture, such as a table, a living room, among others.

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